Bloxburg: How To Rotate Gable Roof?

Gable Roof will make your house more beautiful in Bloxburg but many are wondering how to rotate it. Find out more here.

Rotating the Gable Roof can be quite challenging for many players in Bloxburg. It is a traditional-style Roof with a 45-degree slant and you can create beautiful houses with it, which can also shelter you. It’s available in the Build Mode for 12 dollars, so if you’re facing trouble, check out more info on how to rotate Gable Roof in this guide.

How to Rotate Gable Roof in Bloxburg?

Gable Roof In Bloxburg
Image Source: Moonstone Gamerz

Unfortunately, the Gable Roof in Bloxburg is based on its long section and is impossible to rotate. So, building a square house can be beneficial as this might help place the Roof as desired. But you can use these tricks to get similar results.

  • You can use a Slant Roof instead of a Gable Roof, as they can rotate. Using this will give players similar results as Gable Roof.
  • You can also click on the last dot of your Roof to re-align it and repeat the same for all corners until it faces the right way.
  • Another way to solve this problem is by editing the walls around the Gable Roof. Doing this might change your house layout a bit, but help to get desired results.

Rotating Gable Roof may have helped gamers be more creative and helped them edit their house in Bloxburg. It may have also helped new players simplify building in Bloxburg. Future updates can include this feature that may excite people who like this traditional design.

So, that’s all on how to rotate Gable Roof in Bloxburg. While you are here, check out if you can get crafting skills in Bloxburg and the best ways to level up your Gardening skills in the game. Plus, here’s how to sell your house, and more helpful Roblox Guides for other games in our dedicated section here on Gamer Tweak.