Knight Rider Car ‘Kitt’ Now Available In Rocket League

One of the most iconic cars in American Television history has just been announced for Rocket League, Knight Rider the crime-fighting super-intelligent car called Kitt, will now be available in Rocket League.

Kitt is a virtually indestructible car and has tons of gadgets to it which can rival a bond car any day, Knight Rider was a television show that had been popularized since the 1980s so this will serve as a nice call back to that era.

Various video games have been made on the Knight Rider series and now we get probably the most iconic tv car to play within Rocket League.

The caption of the video reads as “Knight Rider. A shadowy flight into Rocket League! Knight Industries has crafted its own K.I.T.T. to champion the cause of aerial goals and epic saves. The Knight Rider Car Pack includes the K.I.T.T. Battle-Car, plus K.I.T.T Wheels, and the Gullwing Topper. Self-driving capabilities not included”.

Rocket League perfectly blends soccer and RC racing cars in a never done before method which pays off for them perfectly and has brought in many iconic cars from pop culture to the game.

Make sure you check out the brand new vehicle and score some amazing goals which will leave your opponent bewildered

Check out the trailer for Knight Rider and let us know what you think about it and what another iconic car would you like to see be a part of the game.

Rocket League is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.