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Rocket League Free-To-Play Release Date Confirmed

Rocket League will soon be converted to a free-2-play system. And today it is known when the starting shot should be given.


The Rocket League published in 2015 will be converted to a free-2-play model. After the announcement a few weeks ago, the developers of Psyonix initially left the date open. But the secret was revealed today: From September 23, 2020, you won’t have to pay anything to play Rocket League.

At the same time, Max Parker from Psyonix emphasized once again that the Free-To-Play version of Rocket League does not require a PlayStation Plus to play normal matches, ranked matches, or private matches. You can expect a free gaming experience that you can invest money in if you want to.

Another feature will be introduced in the Rocket League. It’s the cross-platform advancement. Regardless of which platform you are on, you can access your profile.

“Simply log into your Epic Games Account on the account linking page that will be live tomorrow, link your platforms where you play Rocket League, and choose your primary platform where you have the highest Rank and XP Level,” said Parker. Afterward, you can take your inventory, your rank, your XP and your progress in the Rocket Pass with you wherever you play Rocket League.

Another component of the new update is Season 1 with new ranks. At the beginning of the free publication, the Grand Champion rank is divided into three ranks which is: Grand Champion I, Grand Champion II, and Grand Champion III. In turn, they are subject to the new top tier Supersonic Legend.

“There’s a lot coming to Rocket League between these new features and the launch of free to play on September 23,” it concludes. “Whether you’re a seasoned veteran on the pitch, or a newcomer ready to play for the first time, we hope you enjoy the latest content coming to the game this month! Get your squad and get ready to take your shot,” can be read on the PlayStation Blog.