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How To Get Rocket Launchers In Far Cry 6 – All Unique Launchers Location

Here's how to get Rocket Launchers in Far Cry 6 including unique La Guaracha and Into Orbit.

One of the best things about Far Cry 6 is the fact that you can create makeshift weapons. You can also find normal weapons and change things up via mods. Now, if you’ve got your eyes on the Rocket Launchers in Far Cry 6, this guide will explain how to get them all including the Unique variants.


How to Get Rocket Launchers in Far Cry 6?

In FC6, players can find new Rocket launchers by opening up cases/crates or chests that they find in various areas. Takedown any enemies you see along the way or keep it low-key and enter these locations stealthily – it is your choice.


RPG 7 far cry 6

To get the RPG-7 Rocket Launcher, you have to venture into the military-controlled zones or buy from the Guerilla Garrison. In-game, it is described as a Rocket Propelled, explosive impact, mid to long-range anti-vehicle.



Similar to the RPG-7, you can find this deadly weapon in military-controlled zones or buy from the Guerilla Garrison.

How to Get Unique Rocket Launchers in FC6?

How to Get La Guaracha in Far Cry 6 (Location)

La Guaracha how to get rocket launcher in far cry 6


In FC6, you can get yourself a La Guaracha launcher which is found in the location called Valle De Oro. Head to the Segunda (you will visit this place during the Hype Bomb quest) and search the area to find it. Look for a stage with a brown door and Anton’s photo on the wall. The crate will be right under his picture.

You cannot improve this unique weapon at a Workbench.


Into Orbit Rocket Launcher Location in Far Cry 6

into orbit unique rocket launcher location far cry 6

To get this Rocket Launcher, you need to complete the Treasure Hunt Liquid Courage in Del Toro Port. It will be hidden in a golden chest. Again, you cannot improve this unique weapon on a Workbench.

Pyrotechno Launcher

The Pyrotechno Launcher is a Resolver weapon that will fire explosive projectiles against enemy vehicles. With the way it functions, I felt it deserved a spot in this ‘Rocket launcher’ article with a special mention. To obtain this weapon, though, you have to purchase it from Juan at Rank 4 by exchanging depleted Uranium.

How to Use Rocket Launchers in Far Cry 6?

Players can use Rocket Launchers to take down helicopters and tanks which won’t budge with normal bullets. In a situation where there’s a tank and helicopter both, you really require a Rocket Launcher during such moments.

That’s all for this guide on how to get all Rocket Launchers (including Unique weapons) in Far Cry 6. Don’t miss out on more FC6 coverage on Gamer Tweak! Check out our guide on the full weapons list and their locations as well as the best weapons in FC6 that you can try out!