Robocop Rogue City Ghost House Safe Code – Where To Find

Check out this guide to know where to find the Ghost House Safe Code in Robocop Rogue City

During the Search for Soot quest in Robocop Rogue City, players will come across the Ghost House Safe that they will need to unlock to get crime evidence. And while locating the safe inside the room won’t be much of a hassle, the code is even more challenging to locate especially if you don’t have the right skills and upgrade. For players not yet familiar with the gameplay, you will need to unlock such cases throughout your playthrough to gain evidence on crimes and progress further. To do so you will need to scan your surroundings for the dedicated safe codes in the game.

Scanning the surroundings and looking for the notes can take some time and can arguably be frustrating at times. However, with the right skills you will come across the notes within no time. Having said that, if you are still looking for that safe code in the ghost house in Robocop Rogue City, here is a guide you should check out further.

Ghost House Safe Code Location in Robocop Rogue City

Ghost Safe Code Location In Robocop Rogue City

Before going through the ghost house for the safe code in Robocop Rogue City we would recommend you to upgrade your Deduction skill. The skill will not only help you detect Safe Vodes but it will also help you hide objects inside the room.

With each object detected you will get a small amount of XP which can be used to level up quickly. Upgrading your Deduction Skill to at least level two will help you find the ghost house safe code without any hassle.

Having said that, you will come across the code on the cabinet beside the toilet in the room with debris. There will be a note consisting of the code on the cabinet in the game. And with your Deduction Skill, you will able to figure out the code on the note easily.

After which it’s just a matter of entering the safe code and unlocking it for the crime evidence. It is worth mentioning that players can also unlock safes by upgrading their Engineering Skill to level six. But since the Search for Soot is a pretty early quest in Robocop Rogue City, you must do it with the Deduction skill.

That’s everything covered on where to find the Ghost House Safe Code in Robocop Rogue City. If you find this guide helpful, here’s another one on how to change skins in this game.