Roblox: How To Get All Halos In Tower Of Hell

Here are the active halos that you can use to collect in Roblox Tower Of Hell right now.

Are you looking for how to collect all the halos in  Roblox Tower Of Hell? You’ve come to the right place if that’s the case. We’ll go over all of the available halos today, as well as how to collect them.

How to Get All Halos in Roblox Tower of Hell (May 2021)

To collect all of the Halos in Roblox Tower of Hell, you must fulfill certain criteria. There are now four Halos available for purchase, but this number might change at any time. Halos are frequently removed from games at the choice of the devs, adding to their scarcity.

Get Halos in Roblox Tower of Hell

Working and Valid Halos

  • Blue Halo
  • Pink Halo
  • Purple Halo
  • Teal Halo

Blue Halo

The only way to get the Blue Halo is to buy Robux Boxes from the Tower of Hell store. Fortunately, this is the only Halo that costs actual money. Access the Shop and select the Effects tab to buy the Blue Halo. The Blue Halo is available to buy for 25 Robux in the Effects category.

Pink Halo

To unlock the Pink Halo, you must first obtain the Maxed badge. This involves attaining Level 80 and finishing Pro Towers gives you additional EXP. You should level out your Skill Tree after you’ve achieved Level 80. You’ll get the Maxed badge and the Pink Halo as a result of this.

Purple Halo

Purple Halo is maybe the hardest to obtain. In Roblox Tower of Hell, you must obtain all seven badges. The following is a list of badges:

  • Collector
  • Explorer
  • Maxed
  • Mutated
  • Newbie
  • Pro
  • Secret

You’ll be awarded the Pink Halo once you’ve gathered all of the badges.

Teal Halo

You must obtain all of the effects from Coin Boxes in order to obtain the Teal Halo. Coins, not actual money or Robux, are required to acquire these Coin Boxes. Towers is the only way to get all of the coins. Here’s how much you may make in terms of coins:

  • 100 Coins for Noob Towers
  • 250 Coins for Pro Towers

You will receive the Teal Halo in Roblox Tower of Hell if you have acquired all of the effects from Coin Boxes.

Expired Inaccessible Halos

There are several reasons why some Halos in Roblox Tower of Hell are no longer available.  Players may still be wearing these Halos because they are still in the game. As a new Tower of Hell player, however, you can no longer obtain these Halos::

  • Green Halo
  • Red Halo
  • Old Blue Halo
  • Orange Halo

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