Roblox Islands: How To Get Obsidian Hilt (Pirate Update)

The Obsidian Hilt is a requirement for the Obsidian Greatsword. Here's how to get it.

Players are searching for the Obsidian Hilt in Roblox Islands Pirate update because they want to get their hands on the Obsidian Greatsword. If you are one of these players, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

How to Get Obsidian Hilt in Roblox Islands

To obtain the Obsidian Hilt, you have to interact with Evans. Pay him 250 Doubloons and buy the Obsidian Hilt item from him. You can also trade it with another player if you don’t want to purchase it.

where to find evans location roblox islands

In case you weren’t aware, Evans is a Pirate Slayer and you have to defeat mobs to get Doubloons from Evans. The rewards differ based on who and how many of them you defeat. For example, defeating 3 Bandits gets you 5 Doubloons whereas defeating 30 Angry Crabs gets you 15 Doubloons.

He is one of the new NPCs that were added in the update that came on July 17, 2021. Evan’s location is in Pirate Island so talk to Hannah near the Pirate ship and click on Travel to Pirate Island. After teleporting to this location, find Evans near a House.

how to get obsidian hilt in roblox islands

To craft an Obsidian Greatsword, you require 1 Obsidian Hilt and 6 Crystallized Obsidian. You can also buy Crystallized Obsidian from Evans (for 10 Doubloons) but there are more ways to get this item apart from purchasing it from Evans. You can also obtain it from a Treasure chest or you can break Obsidian rocks to get it.

So, that’s all about how to get Obsidian Hilt in Roblox Islands Pirate update. Don’t forget to check out more of our Roblox guides on Gamer Tweak while you are here.

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