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Why Is Roblox Getting Sued In 2021?

Is Roblox facing a lawsuit in 2021? Find out why the platform is getting sued.

Is Roblox being sued and if yes, why is this happening? In this article, we will explain more about the Roblox lawsuit and how it may change things going forward.

Is Roblox getting Sued in 2021?


roblox being sued in 2021

The answer is yes, there’s a lawsuit that has been initiated by John Dennis who is representing his minor daughter. This is related to the purchased items that were deleted and removed from the account of the minor, without any refund. The lawsuit document is available online where you can get the details of the issue.

Notably, the majority of users of the platform are children. Here’s a section of what the Roblox lawsuit document says:


Roblox encourages users to purchase in-game content on the
platform which it has made available—and from which Roblox earns real money—without performing any meaningful oversight to ensure that the content coming into its marketplace complies with the platform’s policies.

After its users have paid for their purchases, Roblox then performs sham “content moderation” by deleting content which it has determined violates its policies. Roblox then refuses to refund anything to its users for their deleted content.

When users report that their content has disappeared in error and demand refunds, Roblox cleverly deflects its irresponsible profit-seeking behavior by alleging that the content violated the platform’s policies, without any actual detail, offering Roblox cover to engage in a fraudulent content deleting scheme.

Source: AOTF

So, the reason why Roblox is getting sued is because of the items that are bought using Robux which needs to be purchased with real world money. When Roblox performs content moderation on the items (which users have already bought) and removes them from the inventory without a refund, it can be a problem. In the case of the lawsuit, the user purchased clothing for her avatar and among those purchases were digital pajamas and jeans.

What happens next in the Roblox lawsuit, we will wait and watch. Let’s see how that changes the refund system. Until then, check out our Roblox codes list to get in-game items and rewards without spending a single penny.