Roblox: How To Change Display Name For Free With Windscribe VPN

Here's how to change your Roblox Display Name using a free VPN called Windscribe.

Are you dissatisfied with your Roblox username? Now you can change the Roblox Display Name using a free VPN called Windscribe. This improves how other players see you. Here’s everything you need to know to get you started right away.

How to Change your Roblox Display Name with Windscribe VPN for Free?

Players in Germany can now change their Roblox Display Name. Since this new functionality isn’t yet open to the rest of the world, players outside of Germany will need to use a VPN and link to a German IP address to modify their Display Names. This method isn’t too difficult, but it does take few steps to make it work. Most Roblox players can wait for the functionality to go live on a global scale. Check out the steps below if you want this feature right now.

How to Change Your Roblox Display Name for Free with Windscribe VPN

Using this tool to change your Roblox Display Name is done at your own risk. But right now this is the only way to make it actually work. This is the only way to do this until Roblox formally extends display names to players in the United States and the rest of the world.

How to Get Free Windscribe VPN?

Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Get the Windscribe VPN.
  2. You can download the free app. But it’s better to install it as an extension to your browser.
  3. Use this link to get Windscribe VPN.
  4. Install the Browser Extension that corresponds to your preferred web browser.
  5. Extensions can be found to the right of the URL text box in Google Chrome.
  6. Windscribe VPN does not require registration.
  7. Link to a Germany IP address using the Locations Menu.
  8. You can now update your Roblox Display Name after connecting to a Germany IP via your VPN.
  9. Go to the Roblox app.
  10. Go to My Preferences.
  11. You must be in My Settings, Account Info.
  12. The Display Name appears above the Username.
  13. To change the Display Name, press the Pencil button.
  14. To validate, change your Display Name and click Save.
  15. You could only modify any Display Name once every 7 days.
  16. Once done, you can disconnect your VPN.
  17. Be prepared to turn off your VPN after you’ve modified the Roblox Display Name.
  18. When you don’t want the Windscribe VPN as just an extension to your web browser, you may disable it.

That’s all about how to change your Roblox Display Name with Windscribe VPN for free. We’ve got lots more promo codes for you in our Roblox Game Codes list.