Anime Rangers Codes (April 2024)

Our list of all the latest active Anime Rangers codes will grant you gems, crystals, and other valuable goodies to upgrade your units easily.

Roblox Anime Rangers lets you step into the shoes of your favorite anime characters and engage in action-packed battles. To make your gaming experience even more rewarding, the developers often release Anime Rangers codes that you can redeem for valuable in-game items, such as gems, crystals, and money. Players can gear up for battle and stock up on resources with these latest code rewards.

Most of these rewards give you an instant edge over other players and speed up your progress in the exciting world of Anime Rangers. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, these codes will help you on your quest to become a legendary player. In this article, we’ll provide you with the latest codes and explain how to redeem them.

Anime Rangers codes
Image by Learning Disability Group (Roblox)

All active Anime Rangers codes for April 2024

Here are all the latest Anime Rangers codes:

Anime Rangers CodeFree Rewards
BigestUpdateEverGet x100 gems and x15 crystals
NewUpdateNewGameGet x25 gems and x3 crystals
ContentCreatorsEventGet x25 gems and x2 crystals
LearningDisabilityTakeOver!Get x25 gems and x5 crystals
PVPOnTopGet x25 gems and x5 crystals
AnimeRangersNO1Get x25 gems and x5 crystals
UPD3Get x25 gems and x5 crystals
NoDelayIsRealGet x25 gems and x5 crystals

Expired Codes

Anime Rangers CodeFree Rewards
4KLikesGet x300 gems and x10 crystals (latest).
AnimeBoyMadCuzDiscordPingGet x100 gems (latest).
ShutdownIn5MinsGet x50 gems (latest).
SorryForShutdownGet x125 gems and x20 crystals (latest).
UpdateSoonGet x50 gems and x2 crystals.
UPDATE1Get x150 gems.
ThankFor1MGet x150 gems and x2 crystals.
Sub2SilverPondGet x15 gems and x1 crystal.
Sub2NUTNGaGet x15 gems and x1 crystal.
Sub2Imfrom3timesGet x15 gems and x1 crystal.
Sub2HOLYSHzGet x15 gems and x1 crystal.
Shutdown2Get x50 gems.
ShutdownGet x1 gem.
SECRETONTOPGet x50 gems.
RangersGet x30 gems and x1 crystal.
FreegemsSoGoodGet x30 gems and x1 crystal.
FreecrystalGet x20 crystals.
FixBigBugSorrySorry2Get x30 gems and x1 crystal.
Get x30 gems and x5 crystals.Get x30 gems and x1 crystal.
CriticalShutdownGet x70 gems.
BroMyDataStoreGet x50 gems and x10 crystals.
5KVisitsGet x50 gems and x5 crystals.
50KVisitGet x100 gems and x1 crystal.
500KVisitsThankYouGet x500 gems and x30 crystals.
200ActiveGet x30 gems and x5 crystal.
1KActive!Get x3 crystals.
150KVisitsThankYouGet x150 gems and x15 crystals.
100KVisitOMGGet x100 gems and x1 crystal.

How to Redeem Anime Rangers Codes

How to Redeem Anime Rangers Codes

To redeem Roblox Anime Rangers Codes for your rewards, follow these steps:

  1. Start the Anime Rangers game on your device.
  2. Locate the blue tick icon on the right-hand side of your screen and click on it.
  3. Enter a valid code from our list in the text field provided and click the “Redeem” button.
  4. Your complimentary in-game rewards will instantly be credited to your account, provided the code is still active.

Where Can I Get More Codes?

You can join the dev’s official Discord server or Roblox Community page to get more codes. You’ll receive all new codes there when the developers release them. But if you don’t want to go through the hassle, bookmark this page. We update codes daily so you don’t miss out on the rewards.

That is everything you need to know about Anime Rangers working codes and how to redeem them in the game. You’ll surely enjoy our other Roblox game guides if you play such games quite often.