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Roblox Accounts Hacked Asking Your Parents “To Vote for Trump This Year”

Numerous Roblox users are reporting that their accounts have been stolen, which are being used for pro-Trump propaganda. The news, published on BBC News, is particularly worrying if we consider that the average age of Roblox players is between 9 and 15 years.


Roblox players have complained that hackers have hacked into their accounts and sent out campaign messages in support of the re-election of US President Donald Trump.

These hackers, it is not known if trolls or moved from a more complex plan, are taking over the accounts and using them to spread political messages in the game.

For example, they are changing the look of the characters using a hat known as The Encierro cap, similar to the red cap, with the words “Make America Great Again”, worn by the current President of the United States during his first election campaign.

Among another tampering, we also find the change of clothes with a shirt with an eagle or a red, white, and blue outfit. Once these changes are complete, they send messages to the friend’s list by writing “Ask your parents to vote for Trump this year!” and “MAGA2020”.


According to research conducted by the BBC, at least 1,000 accounts appear to have been affected, through unclear methodologies, which should include password brute-forcing.

Roblox, a kind of Minecraft-like online playground for PC, Xbox One, and mobile, is played by over 90 million users every month. You can find the Roblox Arsenal codes list for July 2020 in this link.


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