How to Destroy Balloon at the end of Rito Village in Hyrule Warriors Age Of Calamity?

Here is a guide on how to enter Rito village and destroy the balloon at the end of the village.

Rito Village unlocks later in the game but you cannot enter due to the broken bridge. In this guide, we will discuss how to enter Rito Village in Hyrule Warriors Age Of Calamity. Also when you are almost at the edge of the village, there is an annoying balloon to destroy. None of your bows can land on it, as it moves at max speed to dodge them. There is a strict to destroy the balloon and collect the reward.

How to enter Rito Village: Age of Calamity?

You will have to do the following things to enter Rito Village.

  1. Defeat Two Rito Captains
  2. Head to Rito Village
  3. Defeat the three Archers
  4. Defeat Two Rito Captains
  5. Head to Rito Village
  6. Defeat Rivali, the Rito Warrior

Defeat two Rito Captains, follow the marker to find them. You can avoid all guards in your way, no need to engage with them. Just run towards the yellow round marker and you will find two captains. Thankfully during the start, both will be in separate places. It is tough to defeat them if both the captains are on the same battlefield.

Few combos and a bunch of special attacks are good enough to drain the captain’s power. You will notice the guards the captain are slow, you can hit the captain and run around. By doing this you can reduce damage from incoming attacks. Wait for the captain to attack when his sword starts glowing in blue light. It’s and dual attack, dodge that and attack from behind.

After defeating the first one avoid all the guards and use the glider to climb up on the mountains. Once again ignore the smaller enemies, the next captain will attack you with an arrow. Guards around this captain will shoot explosive arrows at you. Be alert to dodge them, and once you are done you will unlock the next objective of defeating three archers.

The fight continues until you defeat two more captains and the final encounter with the boss Rivali. To travel fast look for updrafts, use your glider to fly up and down. You can jump from the mountain to cover long distances, the goal is to fight Rivali boss in Hyrule Warriors Age Of Calamity. He is not easy to beat he can shoot powerful explosive arrows and can slash attack on the ground leaving a damaging wave of force. Do not forget to lock on the target, and start hitting Rivali as soon as he lands. He is weak on the floor, but unstoppable when in the sky.

How to pop a Balloon at the end of Rito Village?

Age of Calamity Balloon Location

When you see the marker Head for Rito Village after defeating the two captains, turn right before entering the main gate. Turn another right and you will see a crazy flying balloon. You cannot destroy it with a regular arrows attack, use Statis first to block its movement. Then shoot some arrows to destroy the balloon in Rito Village. Grab your reward and you can proceed further with the final boss fight.

This is how you can enter Rito Village and find some secret cool spots to grab free rewards. Do not forget to save your game to avoid any loss of progress. You can check our guide Age of Calamity: How to Save Game to know more.