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Diablo Immortal: What Is Rite Of Exile & How To Enter?

This guide has everything you need on the Rite of Exile in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal is Blizzard’s latest adventure in the action RPG series Diablo. The game was initially launched for Android and iOS users and thus attracted new players to the Diablo Fandom. The game depicts the chaos in Sanctuary following the events of Diablo II and prior to the events of Diablo III. You as a player will have to choose one of the six character classes and rummage through the world of Sanctuary completing multiple objectives and unlocking something called the Cycle of Strife while you are at it. The Rite of Exile is a part of this cycle in Diablo Immortal and this guide contains everything you need.

What is Rite of Exile in Diablo Immortal?


Diablo Immortal What is Rite of Exile

The Rite of Exile is a part of the Cycle of Strife, the war between the Shadows Faction and the Immortals. There has been a long-standing history between these two factions. The Immortals were tasked to protect Sanctuary while the Shadows were created to make sure that the Immortals are fit enough for their task.

As long as the Immortals win in this battle, they continue their reign. Once the Shadows overpower the Immortals, the Shadows become the new Immortals. While they protect Sanctuary, the threat of new Shadows loom large and no reign lasts forever. This is the Cycle of Strife.


The challenge of the Shadows against the Immortals is the Rite of Exile. The top ten Dark Clans arm together in this challenge against the Immortals. The challenge is an objective-based PvP fight where the top ten clans send their mightiest eight to take on eight Immortals. If the Shadows win six or more battles out of ten, they will move on to the Challenge of the Immortal.

Challenge of the Immortal is like a boss raid where one Immortal with a serious monster-like buff faces 30 top members of the Shadow Clans. If the Shadow Clans win this 1v30 fight, the leader of the top Dark Clan becomes the new leader of the Immortals and the reign of the old Immortals comes to an end.

How to Enter Rite of Exile


How to Enter Rite of Exile

As mentioned above, the best and mightiest from the top ten Dark Clans can challenge the Immortals. To enter the Rite of Exile, you will have to be a high-level member of one of these clans.

Here are some objectives you can complete to improve your clan rankings:


  • Raid the Vault
  • Path of Blood
  • Shadow War
  • Akeba’s Challenge

Once your Clan will be among the top ten, you can enter the Rite of Exile in due time.

That’s all you need from this Diablo Immortal guide on Rite of Exile. While you are here, make sure you check out Shadows vs Immortals, other Diablo Immortal guides, tips, and tricks right here on Gamer Tweak.