Rise Of The Ronin Release Date, Gameplay, & Platforms

Wondering about Rise Of The Ronin and when its going to release? Here is when the PlayStation exclusive is coming.

What is the Rise Of The Ronin Release Date? This is the question on the minds of gamers ever since the title was announced. It was first revealed in the September 2022 event and with just the in-engine game footage catching all the buzz last year, all of us are eagerly waiting for the game’s exclusive release. As Rise Of The Ronin is going to be one of the releases everyone is going to look out for, here is everything you should know from release dates to gameplay.

When is Rise Of The Ronin Coming Out? Release Date Info

rise of the ronin ps5

As Rise Of The Ronin is still in its final stages of development, players will have to wait for a while as the game is slated to release sometime in 2024. This was confirmed with the game’s Reveal trailer from last year’s State Of The Play. Unfortunately, the exact launch dates are yet to be revealed as the game is still a year away from its release.

Rise Of The Ronin Gameplay

rise of the ronin gameplay

As per PlayStation reports, Rise Of The Ronin will be a combat-based RPG game with open-world elements set in the final years of the Edo period in Japan. Players will experience the different changes and rise of tension between the Tokugawa Shogungate and Anti-Shogungate factions throughout their campaign. As a Ronin, players will come across unique combat techniques throughout the game. The trailer shown at the event consists of in-engine game footage with a mix of gameplay so players will have to wait for an actual gameplay reveal trailer.

You can check the Rise Of The Ronin Reveal trailer here:

Rise Of The Ronin Platforms

The game was showcased in the list of PS5 exclusive games at the State Of The Play event. For now, PlayStation users can rejoice as the game will be released as PS5 exclusive next year. The game’s official release on Xbox or PC is yet to be confirmed by the developers. Xbox & PC users will have to watch out for the game announcements going forward.

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