Rise Of Eros Character Persona Tier List (2023)

Wondering which character to use in battle? Read this Rise of Eros character Persona tier list to know.

Not sure which character has the best Persona? Here is the Rise of Eros Character Persona tier list. There aren’t many characters in the game, and most character’s Bot Personas are not very useful after some progress. So players need to unlock and use powerful Persona if they want to become powerful. Persona simply put is the character variations with different focus and skills. Such as Misaki’s Blood Moon is a defensive form and Harvest Moon is an offensive form. You can’t just start leveling up and putting your resource simply on characters, their Persona plays a bigger role. So read along and check this character’s Persona ranking.

Best Rise of Eros Character Persona Ranked (2023)

Best Rise of Eros Character Personas Ranked

The list consists of limited and all-time available character Persona of Rise of Eros. And the ranking is between the best ones, so you might not find some Personas here. Also, new ones are occasionally made available, but we keep our list updated for that too. So bookmark this with Ctrl+D for future updates. Now talking about the ranking. The list is divided into six sections: S+, S, A+, A, B, and C. Where S+ are the most OP characters, and C are the weakest in the list.

S+ Tier List

  • Chaos Flame Sera
  • Butterfly Dream Eileen
  • Crusader Inase
  • Vesperthorn Cartilla
  • Midsummer Alana
  • Inked Rouffe

S Tier List

  • Red Rider Phoenix
  • Dazzlebright Eileen
  • Crimson Marquise Cartilla
  • Frothing Fantasy Sera
  • Tigerstripe Rouffe
  • Super Misaki
  • Nightcrawler Inase

A+ Tier List

  • Dragon’s Cry Eileen
  • Harvest Moon Misaki
  • Chaste Justice Alana
  • Blood Moon Misaki
  • Full Moon Misaki
  • Purifier Inase
  • Devil’s Cheesecake Alana
  • Mademoiself Phoenix

A Tier List

  • Night Stepper Phoenix
  • Queen of the Night Miriam
  • White Jade Sash Rouffe
  • Arbiter Inase
  • Scholar Inase
  • Steelhare Alana
  • Bunny Hop Eileen
  • White Rose Cartilla
  • Midnight Misaki

B Tier List

  • Witch’s Secret Eileen
  • Whitewater Blossom Cartilla
  • Tempting Tidings Alana
  • Obsidian Armor Rouffe
  • Fantasia Miriam
  • Dark Countess Cartilla
  • Timekeeper Inase

C Tier List

  • Shadowswift Cartilla
  • Enchantress Miriam
  • New Moon Misaki
  • Red Hot Fox Miriam
  • Wondersuit Phoenix

That’s all for the Rise of Eros Character Persona tier list. If you found this interesting and useful, check out our other game guides, such as Rise of Eros codes. And while you are here, also see other mobile game guides.