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RimWorld: How To Get Rid Of Corpses

This guide will show you how to get rid of corpses and how to use them in RimWorld for your profit.

The top-down indie game RimWorld is a futuristic game where humans are spread across the universe. While there are different colonies, the player character is stranded on the procedurally generated planet. With the end goal of constructing a spaceship in mind, the random traits given to the characters will affect the nature of the gameplay. While you plot your escape, you will build a civilization on the planet that you need to protect and advance. And while protecting against raiders, you are bound to kill many of them. But what to do about the body is a question in players’ minds. So check out this guide and see how to get rid of Corpses in RimWorld.

How to Get Rid of Corpses in RimWorld


RimWorld Deal With Corpses
Image Source: Kid Muscle (YouTube)

There are a few ways to deal with Corpses, and while some are profitable, some are not. You cannot even skip out on corpses as it affects the soldiers in your colony. And it does not even look good. So here’s what you need to do to get rid of corpses in RimWorld:

  • Unprofitable Ways
    • You can burn these corpses using an electric crematorium.
    • Next, you can bury these corpses in graves to get rid of them in RimWorld.
    • While you can also gather them in a large stone structure with an inflammable door and chuck Molotov cocktails at them.
  • Profitable Ways
    • Firstly, you need to create a double-walled structure and chuck the corpses inside. After that, build two auto doors that are inflammable, one for the structure while the other leads straight to your base. When raiders attack your base, let them get in through the corpse-filled room and then throw Molotov Cocktails inside. The corpses in RimWorld will be disposed and the raiders will be dead.
    • Additionally, you can build a maze-like structure inside filled with Spike traps to slow down the raiders and counterattack any Mechanoid that gets in.
    • Next, you can use the Corpses in RimWorld to feed animals that are carnivorous and that you may have.
    • Lastly, you can put fresh corpses on drop pods and then send them to other factions. This provides a relation boost and on many occasions, you will get Silver.


That’s all you need on how to get Rid of Corpses in RimWorld. While you are here, make sure you check out RimWorld Guides for more such content at Gamer Tweak.