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RimWorld: How To Feed Animals

Want to feed your pets and animals before they starve to death in RimWorld? This is the guide for you.

RimWorld is a game that takes place in the future. While human beings have traveled across the world and beyond, there is no steady progress between these colonies. Here, your decisions matter most as they can endanger a colony or help it progress. As you go about in these colonies you can do all kinds of things, from combat to saving colonists and even animals. But once you’ve got your own pets or cattle, how do you keep them from starving out? In this Gamer Tweak guide, we will show you how to feed animals in their pen or around the world in RimWorld.

How to Feed Animals in a Pen In RimWorld


How to Feed Animals in a Pen In RimWorld

There are two ways to feed animals in RimWorld. Within their pen or in allotted zones in the game. Here is how you can do both:

Feed Cattle Within a Pen in RimWorld


This is an easy way to feed your animals in the game. More specifically, it is meant for cattle. Just place your animals in the pen and they will automatically graze on the food that’s kept in there. This can range from kibble to grass and more.

The best form of food to plant in a pen is dandelion. Not only does it provide great nutrition but also grows super fast in comparison to most plants like haygrass in the game. Plus, dandelion doesn’t have many other uses either to save it for.

To save on your resources, you can make sure that your pen is specific to a particular species or gender. This will cut down on animal pregnancies so that there are less mouths to feed. Just uncheck the ones that you don’t want from the dropdown menu.


This was how you can feed animals in a pen when playing RimWorld.

Feed Pets Through Zones in RimWorld

Apart from cattle, you may also have pets that you may need to feed. You will find that these pets can eat any food that is within their allowed zone of movement. And so, you will need to make sure that you make a zone big enough to keep a watch over as well as provide food in that zone.


While your pets can eat regular food, you may not want to feed them the same. This is because you’ll be taking away from your colonists. Instead, you can make your own kibble to feed your pets with. Not only does it last forever, but it is also made with undesirable foods that humans won’t eat (willingly).

How to Make Kibble and Create a Pet Zone

You only need one unit of vegetable matter and one unit of meat to create kibble. This could be insect meal combined with hay, or corpse meat and hay, etc. Whatever you have readily available. Now, you can feed your pets kibble as and when needed without worrying about your colonists and spoilt food.

To make a pet zone, you will simply need to follow these steps:

  • Go to Architect
  • Choose Zone
  • Select Expand allowed area
  • Now, choose Manage areas from the dropdown menu
  • Select New area

Simply name it something simple and then click on Expand allowed area again. You should now be able to see your new area from the dropdown menu. Select the same to draw the new zone for your pets to stay in. Now, you will need to set your pet to this same zone. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Animals” menu
  • Click on the area that you’ve just created

Now, your pet will remain within the perimeter of this zone. Simply place some food in it to feed them with. You should now have no worries when feeding your pets and keeping them safe from predators.

This was your guide on how to feed animals in their pen or around the world in RimWorld. If this guide has helped you, check out this one on how to make a Throne Room in RimWorld.