Raft Rhino Shark Boss Fight (Guide)

Here is how you can fight the rhino shark boss in Raft.

Raft is a survival game. Gather resources and information as you try to voyage across the great beyond. As you get further in your quests, you will slowly get to an area called Varuna Point 6277. Here, you will find a sunken skyscraper that you must go into. There are a bunch of new enemies that you must fight along the way, with the most difficult of all being the Rhino Shark. In this guide, we will show you how to defeat the rhino shark boss so that you can progress in the popular survival game, Raft.

How to Fight the Rhino Shark Boss in Raft

How to Defeat the Rhino Shark Boss in Raft

While you are collecting supplies, make sure that you have the following:

  • An Oxygen Bottle
  • Flippers

Once you have these things, you can move on to fight the rhino shark. This is a boss fight that requires players to allow the shark to create a certain amount of environmental damage before they finish it off. This is because, without the environmental damage, you won’t be able to go forward in your game.

How to Defeat the Rhino Shark Boss in Raft

You will know that the rhino shark is different from other sharks as it is a giant one with a horn in the front. To defeat it, you will need to follow these steps in all of the stages below:

First Stage

Stand between the shark and any one of the four pillars. The shark will come after you. Dodge as the shark smashes the pillar behind you. This will make a path for you as you move ahead.

Destroying the pillar allows you to place one of the explosive barrels in the metal framing of the broken pillar. Now, you will have to get the shark to hit you again as you dodge once more. When it charges at you, it will instead, open up the ceiling.

Second Stage

Quickly move up through the opening to another two pillars. Keep moving up so that you are above the metal base protecting the pillars. You will need the rhino shark to break these too and so, it is best to make it as easy as you can.

Once the rhino shark has smashed the two pillars, repeat the same process of using the explosive barrels to head on up again.

Third Stage

You will find one final pillar here that you must repeat the process with. Once the shark rams into the explosive barrel, it will die.

What are the Rewards for Defeating the Shark Boss?

As your reward, you will be able to harvest a ton of Raw Sharkmeat as well as a rhino shark trophy.

Now that you have defeated the rhino shark, you must get out. To do this, swim up the hole above and look for the stairs that will help you resurface. The stairs here will lead you to a room where you will find a crane key and wind turbine blueprint as well.

This was your Raft guide on how to defeat the rhino shark boss. If you liked this article then check out this one on how to get Fishing bait in Raft.