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CoD Warzone 2: How To Revive Teammates

Here is how you can revive your teammates in Call of Duty Warzone 2.

Call of Duty Warzone 2 introduces a new way to revive your teammates. This lets you bring them back to life from afar. And in a battle royale, this new ability can literally be a game changer. But many players aren’t sure of how it works. So in this guide check out how to revive your teammates in CoD Warzone 2.0.


How to Revive Teammates in CoD Warzone 2

call of duty warzone 2 revive teammates using pistol

You can revive your teammates by walking over to your knocked-out teammate and pressing the revive button. This is the standard method, alternatively, you can use the new Revive Pistol as well. This is a better method as it lets you shoot at your teammate from a safe distance and still be able to revive them. Here is how both methods work:

Revive Pistol

In order to use the Revive Pistol you first need to find it. This is a Field Upgrade that you get as ground loot. There is no particular place so you should look for it anywhere you can in Al Mazrah. So if you plan to play as a Support character then this is the best weapon for you. Not only do you get to revive them easily. But even the downed teammate gets to take cover.

  1. Find the Revive Pistol.
  2. Equip it.
  3. Aim at your teammate and shoot them like you would your enemy.
  4. Wait for around 5 seconds and your teammate will be back.

Manually reviving

This is the traditional way. Once your teammate is down tell them to take cover. Eliminate any nearby enemy and clear the area. Next, walk up to your partner and press the revive button.

  • F key on Keyboard for PC.
  • Square button on your PlayStation Controller.
  • X button on your Xbox Controller.

In case you couldn’t revive them while they were knocked and they got eliminated, then you should buy your teammate back.


That covers this guide on how to revive your teammate in Call of Duty Warzone 2. For more help on this game be sure to check our guides on the best perk packages and best m4 loadout. And for more help on other such topics don’t miss out on our CoD Warzone 2.0 guides.