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How To Reverse Boost Successfully In Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Struggling to unlock best ranks in COD Modern Warfare? This is because you cannot beat pro players, but there is a trick to play with weaker ones and unlock good ranks.

Reverse boost Call of Duty Modern Warfare is something that you should pay attention to, it can make the difference in you being beamed in every match and suffering to dominating matches. If you are wondering what reverse boost is and how to use it, this guide will show you exactly that.

How To Reverse Boost Successfully In Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Before you get in matches and using the reverse boost you should know what it really is. It seems like an alien concept but in reality, it is something much simpler, and using it can make the difference in matches.

  1. While every one of us has been matched up with players who are way above our skill level it soon becomes an absolute horror show every time you walk on the battlefield and are killed instantly.
  2. Now Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s matchmaking is based on player’s skill and if the AI thinks that you’re good enough to go up a level, it will place you in a higher bracket.
  3. While this can be a good thing and might motivate you towards becoming a better player not everyone is comfortable and after constantly being killed you might get a little tired.
  4. If you want to ease things a bit you can reverse boost, and to do that you will to deliberately perform badly in 5-6 games. Make sure to have zero kills when you play. Die easily and just whatsoever do not put in any sort of effort to be good.
  5. This will be more than enough for the AI to learn that you’re not ready for the tier you were placed in and this will bring you down once again to the level you once were.

Now, a lot of players use a reverse boost to complete challenges and get better in the game so you might meet someone who may be really good but if you perform incredibly good in 5-6 matches you get upgraded to a new tier once again.

This is all there is to know about how you can use the reverse boost in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, while you’re here check out how to Where To Find Hidden Cargo Intel Locations In Call Of Duty Warzone.