Reverse 1999 Tier List November 2023

Wondering which are the best characters in Reverse 1999? This Tier List will help you out.

Reverse 1999 is a strategic RPG game that offers players a plethora of characters. It would have felt incomplete without different classes and character roles, especially in this type of game. Luckily, the game has plenty of characters that you can play with.

However, this also adds to the confusion of which ones are the best. Don’t worry though, in this tier list you can find the strongest ones that you should use.

Best Reverse 1999 Characters Tier List

Best Reverse 1999 Characters Tier List
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Since there are a lot of characters in Reverse 1999, for this tier list we have only listed the ones that are the best. So even the D Tier characters of this list will be fairly useful even though there are better options available.

S Tier

  • An-an Lee (Plant)
  • Medicine Pocket (Beast)
  • Pickles (Mineral)
  • Centurion (Beast)

A Tier

  • Eternity (Mineral)
  • Melania (Beast)
  • Bkornblume (Plant)
  • A Knight (Spirit)
  • Charlie (Star)
  • Balloon Party (Mineral)
  • Regulus (Star)
  • Voyager (Star)
  • Sonetto (Mineral)

B Tier

  • Dikke (Beast)
  • Druvis III (Plant)
  • Diggers (Plant)
  • Tennant (Beast)
  • Pavia (Beast)
  • Baby Blue (Star)
  • Necrologist (Mineral)
  • Ms. NewBabel (Mineral)
  • Sotheby (Plant)
  • X (Intellect)

C Tier

  • Sweetheart (Beast)
  • Bette (Mineral)
  • Eagle (Plant)
  • Twins Sleep (Spirit)
  • La Source (Plant)
  • Click (Spirit)
  • Erick (Star)

D Tier

  • Satsuki (Plant)
  • Cristallo (Mineral)
  • Oliver Frog (Star)
  • Matilda (Star)
  • The Fool (Star)
  • Nick Bottom (Beast)

How Tiers Work for this Reverse 1999 Tier List

  • S Tier: S Tier characters are the strongest ones in the game right now. You cannot go wrong with them.
  • A Tier: The A Tier characters are almost as strong as the S Tier characters and just behind them. These are your next best picks.
  • B Tier: These characters in B Tier are balanced for the most part. They can at times be as good as the A Tier characters.
  • C Tier: The C Tier characters are most of the time situational but can get the job done when used correctly.
  • D Tier: These characters should be your last resort and you should switch to the better options whenever you get the chance.

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