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Returnal: Where To Find Scout Log 9?

This article will guide you towards the location of Scout log 9 in Returnal.

Returnal is set on an alien planet. The game directly or indirectly will make you scrape through every inch of the planet. The storyline is vast and spread through 6 biomes there are many side quests as well in Returnal. Apart from weapons, you will also have to locate various other items which in turn will help you advance in the game. One such item is the Scout log 9. Let’s see how you can get your hands on the Scout log 9 in Returnal.

Where To Find The Scout Log 9 In Returnal?


Scout logs spawn can anywhere in the game, still it is one the hardest items to find as many are finding it way later in the game. To get the scout log you will have to complete the game once. Start the game again and you will find the Scout log 9 in Biome one. Players will find the Scout log 9 at the end of Biome 1 behind the big double blue doors. You will see a steep road going downwards with a circular ending. That is exactly where you will find the Scout log 9.

Keep an eye on the map as the room which has the log will always be behind the big blue triangular marked door. Don’t waste your time opening locked doors as we can assure you won’t find behind locked doors. Another problem players are facing that even after finding the scout the log the trophy isn’t unlocked. You should try walking around a bit and if that doesn’t work try restarting the game. Make sure you restart the game in offline mode and when you start again you will the trophy unlocked pop up on the top right. For many this is the only hindrance between them and the Platinum trophy, so hope you get the trophy now.

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