Apex Legends Stuck On Retrieving Matchmaking List Fix

Here's how to solve the Apex Legends Retrieving Matchmaking List issue.

Apex Legends stuck on Retrieving Matchmaking List? This issue is occurring for many players and can be frustrating if you’re trying to play the game after a long day. These potential solutions may help you solve the errors like ‘Attempting Connection’ and more on PC.

How to Fix Apex Legends Retrieving Matchmaking List

Apex Legends Retrieving Matchmaking List Fix

  • Check if Apex servers are down.
  • Log out and log back into Origin.
  • Restart your Wifi Router.
  • Launch Origin as admin.
  • Repair Apex Legends from Origin.
  • Enable UPnP via Router settings.

Check Apex Legends Server Status – Are Servers Down?

First and foremost, make sure to find out if Apex servers are down or not. Sometimes there may be an outage or server maintenance going on. You can head over to DownDetector to know the Apex Legends server status at any point in time.

Log out and log back into Origin

The simple solution that can work is signing out of your EA account in Origin. Then, sign back in and check if the Apex Legends Retrieving Matchmaking List error is still coming up or it is solved.

Restart your Wifi Router

This might help just in case there are any connection issues from your end. Just restart your modem or router and try again.

Launch Origin as Admin

Launching Origin as admin will give it all the necessary permissions and the matchmaking should work properly. All you have to do is right click on Origin’s icon on your desktop and click on Run as administrator. After that, load up the game and get started.

Repair Apex Legends from Origin

Follow these steps to repair Apex Legends from Origin:

  • Launch Origin.
  • Click on My Game Library.
  • Select Apex Legends.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Next, click on Repair from the Settings.
  • After the files are repaired, restart the PC and load up Apex Legends.

Enable UPnP via Router settings.

Lastly, if the issue is related to NAT, make sure you have enabled UPnP from the Router settings.

That’s all about the Apex Legends Stuck on Retrieving Matchmaking Lists fix. Don’t forget to check out our fixes for Apex Legends No Servers Found Error.