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Apex Legends No Servers Found Error: How To Fix? (2023)

Fix the No Servers Found issue in Apex Legends by either changing your server location or by resetting your network connection.

Apex legends encounter the no servers found error quite often which makes us think that the developers seem to be testing the loyalty of their fanbase. Many players across social media are complaining about getting stuck at the No Servers Found screen in the game. Let’s see what you can do to fix it in Season 9.

How to Fix Apex Legends No Servers Found Error (2023)

Apex legends no servers found fix

  • First, try turning the network connection on and off on your device.
  • Secondly, you can try restarting the router.
  • Thirdly, make sure there aren’t too many devices connected to the same network.
  • Ensure a stable network connection throughout.
  • Next, make sure the game is up to date with all the latest patches.
  • You can also keep reopening and closing the game again and again until you get somewhere.

The next thing you can do is keep an eye on all social media channels regarding the Servers Not Found issue for Apex Legends. Just use the same keyword on Twitter and you might find other users who are facing the same issue. We advise you to keep an eye on the official Twitter handle of EA to be updated.

Another way of fixing the error might be changing your location. Using servers of different countries like Tokyo, London and Amsterdam might help you log in to the game. Servers are divided region-wise so changing to a less populated region can help you.

Players mostly encounter this error after the launch of a new season. With the launch of every new season, a large chunk of players log out, download, and log in again to the game, which overburdens the server. Apex Legends isn’t the only game that goes through this issue. So, don’t stress out over such a minor issue and the game will be back up soon.

This is everything you need to know about how to fix the No Servers Found issue in Apex Legends. If you are facing other errors such as the code 408 error in Apex legends, find out how to fix that by clicking on the interlinked article.