Code 408 Apex Legends Error: How To Fix

Find out how to fix the Apex Legends Code 408 error.

Error Code 408 makes a comeback in Apex Legends. This error comes as part of the Season 9 update. It stops players from getting into matches and even quickly disconnects you. Almost like the game is trying to tell us something. Anyhow, the bug is pretty serious, but luckily, it has some fixes available for it. So without further ado scroll down and find out how to fix the Code 408 error.

How to fix the Code 408 error in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Code 408 Solution Fix
The Error Code 408 stops matchmaking.
  • Go to your platform’s device settings.
  • Look at Network Connections or Network Settings.
  • Select the type of network you are using (WiFi, Ethernet, etc.) and disable all the others.
  • Now restart the game and you should be able to get through easily.

If that does not work there is a more complex procedure you can undertake.

  • Go to Network Connections again.
  • Search for Change Adapter Settings.
  • Choose the network card whose priority needs to be changed.
  • Right-click on this network card and choose Properties from the pop-up menu.
  • Switch to Internet Protocol Version 4.
  • Now choose Properties again.
  • Click on the Advanced Tab.
  • Unselect the option for Automatic Metric.
  • In the Interface Metric textbox put a high-value number to increase the priority of your selected connection type.

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Use the latter method to fix the Error Code 408 in Apex Legends only if you are good with a computer. It’s pretty heady stuff and you might be confused once you have to set it back to normal. The first method should ideally work as a treat and fix the bug. The Devs might release a maintenance patch that will fix this issue as it is not allowing players to log in.

This is everything you need to know about how to fix the Code 408 error in Apex Legends. Now that you are here do not miss out on some of our other Apex Legends guides that will help your gameplay.