How To Fix Retrieving Asset Manifest In MTG Arena

Follow this guide to learn how you can fix the Retrieving Asset Manifest Screen in MTG Arena

Magic The Gathering (MTG) Arena on being launched for the first time may show Retrieving Asset Manifest for an extended duration, needing a fix. This could very quickly get frustrating and annoying for players. The message keeps appearing even if the players attempt to relaunch the game after a restart. To combat this retrieving asset manifest error in Magic The Gathering (MTG) Arena, we’ve come up with this guide that provides a quick and easy fix. Mentioned below are the steps that will help you fix this issue!

How To Fix Retrieving Asset Manifest & Get Past The Stuck Screen In MTG Arena?

retrieving asset manifest mtg arena

Here’s how to fix Retrieving Asset Manifest in MTG Arena by changing the network the users are on. Here’s how to do this:

  • In order to solve your issue, the first way involves users using a Virtual Private Network. In case your IP has restricted access, the VPN will solve it by hiding your IP.
  • Note that on most occasions a VPN will continue to work fine. However, in some unfortunate instances, users might have a slower network exchange.
  • In addition to this, there exists another method users can use to change their network and that is simply by connecting their device to another router or modem or even mobile data access for that matter.

One of these two methods should spell the end of your problems with regard to the Retrieving Asset Manifest error appearing on-screen. However, if the problem persists- it’s advisable to contact the official tech support of TMG Arena – Wizards Of The Coast. You can report your issues and get in touch with them on the MTG Arena Wizards Of The Coast support site.

That’s pretty much it! You can easily resolve this issue if you’ve followed this guide. We hope this guide helped you! Be sure to check out These fixes for MTG Arena if more problems persist!