Why Is Resurgence Solos Gone from Warzone 2? (Answered)

Here is why Resurgence solos gone from Warzone 2.

The Season 2 of Warzone 2 was released amidst much fanfare in mid-February. It saw the release of a new map, Battle Pass and everybody’s favorite – Resurgence. The developers released the solo mode in Resurgence on February 24, 2023, albeit with a delay. However, many players recently noticed that Resurgence solos is gone completely. So, why is the mode removed from Warzone 2 again? Read on to find out.

Why is Resurgence Solos Gone from Warzone 2?

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At the time of writing, Resurgence Solos is not available to play in Warzone 2. The solo mode was removed from the game just a few days after its release. The developers Raven Software clarified every player’s concern with this tweet:

As mentioned above, the squad playlist was set to rotate each week. Since the weekend of February 24 has passed, the playlist has been updated by the developers. As of now, only Resurgence Quads is available to play in Warzone 2 Season 2. However, players have complained that bringing together four friends to play Resurgence is nearly impossible. All that’s left is joining a lobby of random players – which many don’t usually prefer. This is because you can’t co-ordinate with them properly like you would do with your close friends. So then, the question remains, will the solo mode come back?

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Will Resurgence Solos Come Back?

As of now, there is no intimation from the developers as to when Resurgence Solos will come back. No one really knows an exact date of the mode’s return. All that you can right now is either wait or hop onto Resurgence Quads. But mind you, if you’re a lover of the solo mode, then you’d downright not enjoy playing in a group of four. However, your experience will be far more enjoyable if you’re able to gather four friends together.

That’s all you need to know on whether Resurgence Solos is gone from Warzone 2. While you’re still here, do check out the best loadout for Ashika Island’s Resurgence map & how to fix Resurgence not working in our Warzone 2 section.