How To Use Restoration Kit In Skull And Bones

Not sure how to use a Restoration Kit in Skull and Bones? Here’s how you can make use of it easily.

During your time in Skull and Bones, you will constantly engage in combat with other Pirates to assert dominance. This is inevitable as there can be only one ruler of the Ocean, and you probably don’t want to be the number 2. Another inevitable thing is your ship getting inflicted with a Status Effect, otherwise known as Status Ailment. These are temporary buffs and debuffs that cause some kind of damage to you or your enemy, whoever is inflicted. Although the Status Effect usually fades away with time, you can use a Restoration Kit to get rid of it immediately.

In this guide, we are going to explain how you can get and use a Restoration Kit to cure a Status Effect in Skull and Bones. So if you ever get caught by one, you will be able to save yourself from losing.

Here’s How to Get and Use Restoration Kit in Skull and Bones

Where to get the Restoration Kit in Skull and Bones
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To get a Restoration Kit, you will have to reach the Freebooter I Infamy Level. The best way to increase your Infamy is by completing Contracts given by NPC, so keep a note of it. Anyways, once you have reached the Freebooter I Infamy, go to the vendor at Kaa Mangrove Pirate Outpost. For those who don’t know, Kaa Mangrove is located in Sultani Islan, on the southern side of the Coast of Africa.

Once you have found the vendor at the Kaa Mangrove outpost, you can unlock and purchase the Blueprint for Restoration Kit in Skull and Bones. The Blueprint costs around x1230 Silver and the building materials include x1 Metal Salvage, x1 Rusty Nail, and x2 Scavenged Wood. Make sure you have all of these items so you can build the Restoration Kit right away.

After building the Restoration Kit, you can use it to cure the following Status Affects or Ailments in Skull and Bones:

  • Ablaze
    • The Ablaze status effect is triggered when a ship has suffered significant fire damage. Ablaze deals high damage over a period of time.
  • Flooded
    • The Flooded status effect is triggered when a ship has suffered significant flooding damage. Flooded deals medium damage over a period of time, half of which is irreparable using repair kits. Also, the ship is slowed down while Flooded is in effect.
  • Torn Sails
    • The Torn Sails status effect is triggered when a ship’s sails have suffered a certain amount of damage. Torn Sails causes the ship to be immobile for a period of time.
  • Explosive
    • The Explosive effect is triggered when ammunition hits its target. Explosive will cause an area of effect that can damage surrounding targets.
  • Piercing
    • The Piercing effect penetrates the armor of ships to do extra damage

That’s what you can do with a Restoration Kit in Skull and Bones. For more content like this, feel free to check out our dedicated section for Skull and Bones Guides on Gamer Tweak.