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Resident Evil Village New Plot & Enemy Details Revealed by Producer

In the Japanese magazine Famitsu, fresh information about the plot and enemies were revealed for the horror adventure Resident Evil Village. We have summarized the most important details for you.


The new horror title from Capcom was one of the first third-party titles to be confirmed for the two next-generation consoles of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. In the current issue of Famitsu, further details on the story and game world of Resident Evil Village were published.

Resident Evil Village New Plot and Enemy Details

For one thing, it was confirmed that it was indeed Chris Redfield who kidnapped the protagonist Ethan in the eponymous village of the new horror title. It is also he who shows up at Ethan’s house at the beginning of the campaign. After Ethan wakes up from his unconsciousness, he finds himself in the said village.

One of the screenshots published by Famitsu shows a group of people holding hands and praying to the powerful monsters that protect the village. It is believed that we are dealing with a sect that populates the village and hunts down strangers. One of the villagers wears a trench coat and sells Ethan items. Possibly this resident is a trader, as the one who also appeared in Resident Evil 4 for example.


Mia’s picture book is described as a possible key to clearing up the plot. The book basically tells the same story that Ethan experiences in the mysterious village. An old shaman with a skull staff is also described, but her role has not been specified.

It goes on to say that while the creatures chasing Ethan cannot speak, they are still able to communicate with one another or use weapons. Finally, it is pointed out that the residents should “act” as another protagonist, while the village conveys a constant feeling of threat through its presence.

Resident Evil Village will be released in 2021 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. According to unconfirmed reports, the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the title could be also in development.