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Resident Evil Village Latest Playtest Details New Witches, Locations & More; Demo Ran Great on PS4 Pro

Today we received more unconfirmed details about Resident Evil Village, which should come from a playtest by Capcom. This time, among other things, it is about the setting and the adversaries with which you are confronted.

Since the official announcement of Resident Evil Village in June of this year, we have regularly received new, unconfirmed details about the upcoming horror adventure from Capcom. Today, there was another alleged details circulated by a user who, according to his own statements, was given the opportunity to take a closer look at the new horror title as part of an official playtest.

In the course of the playtest, the user slipped into the role of a young woman who found herself in a dark cave equipped with an oil lamp. A similar scene was already seen in the reveal trailer for Resident Evil Village.

In the section described, the woman carried no weapons and was faced with the task of sneaking past the opponents and escaping from the cave. This suggests that Resident Evil Village also has stealth sections waiting for us.

There appears to be a new type of enemy in the caves that will stand out from the beastmen of the last playtests and will be armed with swords. These new enemies have been described as “tall, with goat horns, furry, and bipedal.”

As the player made their way through the caves, he came across a file in which the new creatures were named Strigoi. The Strigoi have a permanent place in Romanian folklore and are described as a variation of the vampire being. Apparently there was another witch in the caves who appeared to have the ability to control the Strigoi.

“As the playable character had no useable weapons in this playtest, the only objective was to hide and use the environment to escape Scarlett and the Strigoi as there was no way to kill them. All in all, this segment seems very reminiscent of Ashley’s section of the castle in Resident Evil 4 as lanterns also play a part here as well. Only instead of throwing them at enemies like in 4, here you light them to ward off enemies,” the source explained.

And further: “Based on our sources description of the caves, you needed to sneak around to various locations along the stage to find lanterns on the wall that you could light to keep enemies at bay as it would seem they have a sensitivity to light. However, the task isn’t as easy as it seems, if Scarlett spots you, she’ll call on the Strigoi to attack you forcing you to evade and hide until she loses sight of you. Our source recalls dying several times during this section.”

From the official side, the information of the alleged playtester has not yet been confirmed. Resident Evil Village is in development for PC, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5 and will release sometime in the 2021 calendar year.