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Resident Evil Village 60% Completed; Explained Why It Isn’t Called RE8

There are some new details released by Capcom about the Resident Evil Village and the Japanese company also wants to clarify whether the game will be called Resident Evil 8. There has been some confusion regarding it recently.

In the latest issue of Famitsu magazine (via Twitter), it was revealed that the release date can be kept probably for spring 2021, since Resident Evil Village is already 60% complete. So the entire game should be available and playable, while the rest focuses on assembling and optimizing.

As for the name of the title, the game is actually just called Resident Evil Village without the ‘8’ in the name, which Capcom explains in order to focus more on the setting around the village somewhere in Europe. Capcom still leaves some details open whether it is automatically a spin-off or still belongs to the mainline.

There is also new information from the inside corner, according to which Resident Evil Village should concentrate more on the aspect of exploration and is, therefore, more extensive. Since the complexity has increased, the current-gen version was probably deleted and only a next-gen version was developed. The game is also a bit longer than previous offshoots, but by no means the longest game in the series.

There is also talk of increasingly difficult passages that can only be mastered with skill and appropriate preparation. But there are also special rewards here if you are willing to take greater risks.

Resident Evil Village is slated to release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC in 2021.