Resident Evil Village Performance Problems on PS5 Clarified By Insider

During the weekend it was rumored that Resident Evil Village on PlayStation 5 was struggling with unsightly performance problems. In the meantime, the insider Dusk Golem, who talked about it, made his statements clear.

During the weekend the rumor arose that the upcoming horror title of Resident Evil Village on the PlayStation 5 was struggling with unsightly performance problems. The insider Dusk Golem, who is regarded as a reliable source, spoke about it. His statements in the past few months were actually always correct and, above all, attracted attention with his insider information on projects from Capcom.

In the Resetera forum, Dusk Golem pointed out, according to current reports, that the developers behind Resident Evil Village are struggling with the performance on the PS5.

Among other things, it was said that Resident Evil Village on PlayStation 5 has problems displaying the horror adventure in the native 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. Statements that made one or the other skeptical. But is it really to be feared that the new game on the PS5 will come up with a disappointing performance?

In order not to let rumors arise in the first place on the current speculation, Dusk Golem clarified his statements. As the insider explained, his statements regarding the new horror game are several months old and therefore no longer reflect the current state of affairs.

Due to the talented developers who work for Capcom, as well as the flexibly adaptable engine, it can be expected that Resident Evil Village will also run perfectly on the PS5 at launch.

The latest title of the long-lasting horror series will release in 2021 for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and PC.