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Resident Evil Village: Hooligan Trophy Issue

Let’s see if there is bug or getting the Hooligan trophy in Resident Evil Village is just difficult.

While Resident Evil Village follows Ethan’s quest of retrieving his kidnapped daughter and fighting his way through the Lycans, the game is not all combat. There are instances in the game where you will have to solve puzzles to find your way through. Getting trophies adds to the tricky aspect of the game, as they are not very straightforward. One such trophy is the Hooligan trophy, to get the trophy players have to break all 19 windows of Dimitrescu’s castle. Even though it seems easy many players are unable to get it. Let’s see what the Hooligan Trophy Issue is in Resident Evil Village.

What Is The Hooligan Trophy Issue In Resident Evil Village?

Many players are wondering why aren’t they able to unlock the Hooligan trophy even after breaking all the windows of the castle. There is no evident bug in the Hooligan trophy. The answer is the number of windows, while it’s not explicitly stated there are 19 windows in the castle. It is really easy to miss some, which is why we would recommend players to check the number of broken windows again. The window which many players seem to miss is in the room where you defeat Lady Dimitrescu’s first daughter. Even though to kill her you have to break a window, it is easy to miss that there is a second window as well in the room.

Players can find the second window right next to the first one, it is easy to miss as you are constantly trying to dodge attacks and the camera work also doesn’t help
Try breaking the window and you will see the trophy unlocking. You might not have much time to break the windows, which is why we recommend you use bullets instead of the knife.

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