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Resident Evil 8 To Be Revealed At PS5 Event, Insider Claims

The rumors surrounding the reveal of Resident Evil 8 cannot be stopped and many have already come to terms with the idea that the new installment of the franchise is nowhere to be released globally. Although there is no E3 2020, these days there will be some announcements and there is information that indicates that the new Resident Evil will be shown this week, although it is not officially known in which event or broadcast.

Recently, the well known Capcom insider and leaker, Dusk Golem, indicated through his Twitter account that he is almost sure that Resident Evil 8 will be shown at the PlayStation 5 event, which as you know is scheduled for Thursday, June 11.


As per the information of this insider, the fact that the franchise games have been put on sale on different platforms, is the best indication that an important announcement is on the way, since it has already happened on previous occasions, and everything points to the reveal of Resident Evil 8.


However, nothing is confirmed at the moment but a post by a player who is a member of the Resident Evil Ambassador program dated May 22, stated that a major announcement of the franchise is on the way and will take place around June 10. As you know, in those days there was no certainty, but only speculations, of the dates when the presentation events that would replace E3 2020 would take place.


So, even though if there is no official information from Capcom, it seems like a matter of days before we get to know Resident Evil 8, its first details and probably its release date. In any case, we remind you that this is still a rumor and must be taken as such until Capcom confirms or denies the information.

In recent news, a German retailer has listed Resident Evil 8: Village Uncut Edition in its database for pre-order.