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Resident Evil 3 Remake Beginners Tips and Tricks

Important things you must know before you start playing Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Resident Evil 3 Remake is quite realistic with a ton of action and thrill. There are some points you must know before you start playing RE3 Remake. Here ‘s our Resident Evil 3 Remake beginners guide that brings a lot of details on from basic to advance. Like crafting, finding ammo, surviving from zombies, finding consumables, explosives, etc. So let’s begin with your Resident Evil 3 Remake beginners tips and tricks.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Beginners Guide

RE3 Remake is about survival, there are many things you might ignore while playing the game. Like crafting consumables, locating ammo, etc. In this guide, you will be some important tips you can refer to easily while playing the game.

Resident Evil 3 Beginners Guide Tip 1

Whenever you are walking around do not forget to look for this symbol. A down arrow which is the default interaction icon for RE3 Remake. You can pick items, unlock the door, grab collectibles, etc. So look well around for this icon and interact with it. Just walk near and press X if you are playing RE3 Remake on PS4.

Do not walk near to the zombies?

If you think zombies are dumb and you can pass them easily, you will be attacked. So avoid walking near to them and use explosives around to kill them in a group. If you are attacked press X to release yourself and use a consumable to heal.

How to run?

Running is a way to escape fast from zombies, pres R3 to run in Resident Evil 3 Remake. Well, Jill does not really get a super speed to run, she is just faster than walking. Running will help you in later stages to escape from stronger monsters in the RE3 Remake. So do remember to press Right Joystick to run.

Quick Steps Controls

Quick steps are an instant way to move left or right to avoid attacks. A kind of dodge it can help you to avoid enemy attacks in the game. Hold R1 and use the left joystick to instantly move away from the enemy.

How to shoot?

Resident Evil 3 How to Shoot

Press L2 + R2 to draw and fire in Resident Evil 3 Remake. The handgun that you unlock during the beginning is not that strong, it requires three bullets to take down a zombie. So focus more on escaping and save the bullets. Once you unlock Crafting Ammos in RE3 Remake you can then use it more.

Collecting Herbs, Gun Powders, etc

Resident Evil 3 Remake has a crafting menu with a combined command. Combine command allows you to merge two similar items and craft a consumable or ammo. But before you have to collect items. For example, to craft Ammo, you will need two cans of gun powder. In a similar way, there are crates with a yellow tape that is breakable. Shoot them to get herbs or gun powder. Check our guide on how to craft in RE3 Remake for more details. Inventory slots are limited, buy combining items you can free up space.

How to free Inventory Space?

Resident Evil 3 Storage

You can free items from your inventory and place them a safe in Resident Evil 3 Remake. The first one is located in the subway station where you met Carlos. It is always to store down items that are not required but useful later in the game. Look for one of the cases shown in the RE3 Remake screenshot above.

How to Kill Multiple Enemies?Resident Evil 3 Combat Tips

Remember the red barrels as shown in the RE3 Remake screenshot above. Filled with the fuel it can cause a massive explosion. Good enough to burn down all the zombies around it. So whenever you spot one, lure the zombies towards this red barrel and shoot. You can kill multiple enemies with a single bullet. Second is the generator, you can locate it easily by looking for sparks. Shoot it and it will release an explosive spark freezing enemies on the spot. So do remember these two important elements that can help you to kill al to of zombies with one bullet.

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