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Capcom Said Resident Evil 2 Will Have Three Difficulty Levels

Resident Evil has made a mark for itself in the gaming industry with its addictive gameplay and storyline which makes you dig deeper into the game to get to the end of the mystery. Resident Evil 2 is trying to take it up a notch with three difficulty settings which are tuned to give the gamers the exact experience they crave for.

Capcom announced the new gameplay mode called Ghost Survivors with the addition of classic costume to give Leon and Claire their classic attire from the previous generation console.

The three-game difficulty mode is as followed.

  • Assisted difficulty mode (Easy)
  • Standard difficulty mode (Normal)
  • Hardcore difficulty mode (Hard)

The Assisted Difficulty mode is for new gamers who aren’t used to the genre and or are new to the platform, the enemies are weak and you get aim assist. You can regenerate health too without the need for herbs in this mode.

The Standard difficulty mode is the default setting in the game which has everything balanced out and though you lose out on aim assist and regenerative health, you will still have auto saving options in the game.

The Hardcore mode is for veteran gamers who like to push themselves and beat the game at the highest difficulty setting possible. This mode gives the enemies more strength and defence and you will need ink ribbons in this mode to save your game which seems to be extremely rare in the game.

As of now, these are all the difficulty settings we have uncovered so far and are awaiting further information on the game, we’ll keep updating on this in the near future.