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How To Reset Pokemon Spawns Using Radar In Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Here's a simple guide on how to reset spawns in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet using Radar.

In the new Scarlet and Violet, there are tons of new Pokemon for you to catch. As veteran players know, some Pokemon have low spawn rates making it difficult to catch them. If you are a Shiny Hunter then you know the pain of knocking out a Shiny. But there is a way to make them spawn again in these titles. In this article, we will tell you how to reset spawns in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet using the Radar.


How to Reset Spawns in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Catch Rare Shiny Pokemon Flutter Mane

If you open your map or the Pokeradar, you will see certain areas marked with Pokemon. When you go there, it’s not guaranteed that you will find them. These are not the exact locations of those Pokemon. The Radar shows areas where they are commonly found. You will get an accurate reading if you zoom in further on the map. If you found the Pokemon you wanted and failed to catch it, then no need to worry. You can reset spawn in Scarlet and Violet by moving away from the visible Pokemon. Once you move a certain distance, they will disappear. Now head back into the area and they will reappear in the same place. Then you can battle and catch them again. This method also works on Shiny Pokemon often so make sure you try it multiple times.

You can also increase the spawn rates of certain Pokemon by eating Sandwiches. This new mechanic gives you Meal Power which raises the probability of encountering certain types. For example, if you make a Sandwich with a Red Onion and two Salty Herba Mystica, you will get:

  • Sparkling Power: Ghost Lv. 3
  • Title Power: Ghost Lv. 3
  • Encounter Power: Ghost Lv. 3

This is an endgame recipe and it will help you catch the rare Paradox Pokemon, Flutter Mane. We hope this article helped you learn how to reset spawns in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet by using Radar. For more helpful guides like Where to find Spiritomb and Baxcalibur, visit our SV section soon.