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How To Get Research Chest Key In WoW Dragonflight

Check out where to find the Research Chest Key in WoW Dragonflight.

Are you looking for the Research Chest Key in WoW Dragonflight? If so, then this guide is made just for you. In this MMORPG, you can collect a plethora of loot. With the new 10.0.7 patch, players are heading toward the Zskera Vaults to get their hands on the Onyx Annulet and the Primordial Stones. Apart from these powerful artifacts, you can also get other useful loot in the Research Chests present there. However, you will need the Research Key and this guide will tell you how to find it.

Where to Get the Research Chest Key in WoW Dragonflight

Research Chest Key Location in WoW Dragonflight
Image Source: WoW Quests on Youtube

In WoW Dragonflight, the Research Chest Key is located in the Zskera Vault: Ur’s first floor in the Primordial Anvil room. This vault is located in the northern part of the Morqut Islet as shown in the map above. The coordinates to this location are X: 29, and Y: 53.

To retrieve the Research Chest Key, follow these simple steps:

  1. Talk to Pathfinder Tacha and enter the Zsker Vault: Ur.
  2. Defeat the enemy to secure the Vault.
  3. After securing the vault, look around for a Bubble Lift.
  4. If it’s unlocked, then you’ll have to unlock it with the Pearlescent Bubble Key.
  5. Once it’s up and running, jump into it and go as high as the second floor.
  6. Then, fall down on the platform to the opposite side of the lift and enter it.
  7. Here, look on the right for the Primordial Anvil.
  8. If you find it then look for a pile of bones.
  9. Interact with it until you find the Research Chest Key.

Note that some players have mentioned that they couldn’t find the Bubble Lift. This is a bug and you’ll have to wait for the developers to patch it. Since the vault has many doors, here is a video to find the exact door for the key.

That’s all from us on how to get the Research Chest Key in WoW Dragonflight. For more such content like how to get Trophy of Strife, make sure you visit our WoW guides.