How To Get Trophy Of Strife In WoW Dragonflight

Read this guide to know how to get Trophy of Strife in WoW Dragonflight.

Dragonflight is the latest expansion in World of Warcraft’s popular MMORPG series. The latest game has a ton of new features like dragons, skills and a new overworld. If that wasn’t enough, a new currency has been introduced as well. It is known as the Trophy of Strife. It can help players purchase War mode gear in the game. So, if you’re wondering about how to get Trophy of Strife in WoW Dragonflight, then look no further.

How to Find Trophy of Strife in WoW Dragonflight

Trophy of Strife is earned from War Mode battles in Dragonflight. You will have to first enable War mode. It appears at the bottom right of the Talents interface once your character reaches level 20. To get Trophy of Strife, you will need to complete a quest while in War mode. The quest is called the Sparks of Life: The Azure Span. The goal of the quest is to collect 200 Spark of Life in the Azure Span while you’re in War Mode.

Upon completing the quest, you will be rewarded with Dragon Isles supply cache, x250 Iskaara Tuskarr Reputation, x500 Honor and of course, the Trophy of Strife. The currency is dropped from enemy players and is also available to loot from chests in the zone. Since you now know how to get the Trophy of Strife in WoW Dragonflight, you should also know how to use it. We’ll show you how it’s done:

How to Use the Trophy of Strife

get trophy of strife wow dragonflight

Now that you have the Trophy of Strife, it’s time you learn how to spend it. You will need to travel to the Obsidian Enclave in Valdrakken. Here, you will find a NPC named Malicia right near the entrance. After interacting with her, she will show you a list of all the War Mode gear on show. Purchase the one you like as these items are very effective in War mode battles.

That’s everything covered on how to use the Trophy of Strife in WoW Dragonflight. If you’re interested in more tips like these, head over to our World of Warcraft section right here.

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