How to rescue the basement captive from Rhodes gun shop in RDR2?

Red Dead Redemption has tons of side missions and though most of them are light-hearted, some can be very serious the Rhodes gunsmith basement captive is one such serious side mission and this guide will show you show to complete the Rhodes gunsmith basement captive.

How to rescue the basement captive from Rhodes gun shop?

You might have or might not have seen a young boy being held captive in the basement of Rhodes gun shop wearing a sailor suit. This side mission is completely optional but if you are curious enough then you can get a Lancaster Repeater in the basement.

First, you will need to reach Rhodes and find the gun shop, once there you will need to go around to the right side of the store, this is where you will hear a young man call to you.

Approach him and talk to him and he will tell you that he has been held captive by the gun shop owner and chained to the bed.

To set him free you will need to go inside the gun shop and aim your weapon on the shop owner. Once you do that you will get the option of rob the basement. Select this and the owner will take you down to the basement where you will find the young boy chained to the bed.

After a brief conversation where the gun owner tells you the sad story about his boy, you will then need to shoot the chain off the wall. This will set the young man free.

You now have the option of looting whatever you like. If you check around you will find a box which has a Lancaster Repeater, you can take that and whatever else you like.

Once you come up you can also loot the register without worrying about your honor. Take whatever you want and walk out of the store.

If you delay in saving the boy after talking to him for whatsoever reason, there is a high chance that you will find him dead once you walk down to the basement.

So this is a time-sensitive side mission. This is all there is to know about the Rhodes gunsmith basement captive. Make sure that you check out other RDR2 PC guides as well only on GamerTweak.

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