How to Rescue Laurent From Ember Ward in WOW Shadowlands?

Want help with finding Laurent From Ember Ward during the Venthyr campaign? Here is Laurent's co-ordinate.

During the Venthyr Campaign in World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands, you will have to rescue Laurent to proceed. You can find the person in the Ember Ward, but where exactly is the question. I am going to share the exact co-ordinate of Laurent which will help you to complete the objective easily. The fastest way to reach there is to take a flight. Just follow the steps below and you can finish off this objective to move ahead with another task.

Laurent’s  Location

WoW Shadowland Laurent Location

Go to coordinates 26, 49 in Revendreth. It is located on the south of Sinfall. Above is the map screenshot of Laurent’s location. Just fly all the way to the marked spot. You can use add-ons to view the coordinates that are a simple task. After reaching the co-ordinate refer to the image below to see how Ember Ward looks.

WoW Shadowland Ember Ward

You don’t have to enter this building. Laurent is standing on the right side just before the entrance. Look for an uneven path on the right and you will find the guy standing below a rock near a burned tree. Talking to Laurent will unlock a new chain of quests.

WoW Shadowland Laurent Location

  1. An Unfortunate Situation
  2. Foraging for Fragments
  3. Moving Mirrors
  4. Light Punishment
  5. When Only Ash Remains
  6. Escaping the Master
  7. We Need More Power
  8. Mirror Making, Not Breaking

The very first one is An Unfortunate Situation, where you will have to defeat Costel and recover Laurent’s belonging (cloak). Completing this task will reward you with Soul Hunter’s Cinch. So this is how you can easily find Laurent in WOW Shadowlands. Talking about Venthyr Campaign, it is approx 3+ hours long campaign, that begins after talking to General Draven. Venthyr unlocks at Revendreth where to begin you have to pick one of the four covenants. It is a long campaign with tons of objectives to cover.

One way to survive during his campaign is focusing on the Covenant and Soulblinds. This can be a little tricky to understand but keep playing the main missions. You will get a grip on the campaign within few missions. We will be bringing in a lot of tips and tricks on WOW Shadowlands in the coming time, till then you can hit the link and check out new tips on the game.