Stray Chapter 6: How To Repair The Broken Tracker

Guide on how to repair the broken tracker and get the Outsider badge in Stray Chapter 6.

Stray is a game all about reuniting a lost cat with its family. This game takes you all over a cybercity with tons of cool bots. Here, you go through alleys, buildings, and more with your trusty B-12 bot by your side. Along the way, you collect trophies and other collectibles. One of these is the ‘Outsider Badge’. To get it, you will need to first fix the broken tracker that will help you find Doc. In this guide, we will show you how to fix and repair the broken tracker in Stray chapter 6.

How to Repair the Broken Tracker in Stray

How to Repair the Broken Tracker in Stray

You will find the broken tracker in the lab with Seamus. Once he opens the door, you will explore the slums to find a couple of items before you can fix the broken tracker. First, you will interact with Seamus, then Azooz the merchant, and finally Elliot before you can get it fixed. Here are all of the steps that you need to take in order to repair the tracker in Stray:

  • First get the Super Spirit Detergent
  • Go to the marketplace at the right of the elevator
  • Here, you will meet Azooz the merchant
  • Now, exchange the Super Spirit Detergent for electric cables
  • You will have to get a poncho
  • Go to the main entrance of the slums
  • Find the Grandma robot
  • Now, exchange the electric cables for a kitty poncho
  • Now that you have the poncho, you can finally get the tracker fixed
  • Give the poncho to Elliot
  • Take Elliot to the tracker location
  • Elliot the robot will now fix the tracker for you
  • Now, go to Seamus with the fixed tracker to the next area
  • Seamus will now hand you the Outsider Badge

This is how you can fix the broken tracker and get the Outsider badge in Stray chapter 6. If you found this guide helpful then check out this one on how to find the red, yellow, and purple plants in Stray Chapter 9 and get the Plant badge.