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Remedy Entertainment New Documentary Teases “Very Dark and Serious” Next Game

The announcement released in early August that Remedy Entertainment is working on a game that can connect both the Alan Wake and Control universe has now been deepened.

The news sparked a lot of interest among fans of both titles who were more enthusiastic than ever, curious to find out what the famous studio was working on. Thanks to the DLC for Control, the desire for this discovery has grown; the team that brought Alan Wake into the game managed to combine both narratives.


In the documentary released by Epic Games, the team reveals numerous additional details (present in the 3-minute video that you find at the bottom of the article), one of which is this small anticipation for the future of Remedy. Communications director of Remedy Entertainment Thomas Puha said it could be one of his team’s more mature games. Puha further stated the following:

Making these games takes a long time, and you want passionate people that understand the process, that are willing to put in the hours and I know there’s a lot of people over at Epic that is definitely going to be doing that for our next game.

The discussion then moves to the fateful question: What will this new version be like? The question also arose following the statement, issued by the director, regarding the previous titles, defining them as melancholy.


He also argued that the next game will be much darker and more serious than the previous works. This is not entirely new as other games like Alan Wake, Control, Quantum Break, and Max Payne also come with dark themes.

Until we wait for the actual launch, it seems that the latest expansion released by Remedy is a great taser of what the community can expect from the next title released by the team. Even if it turns out to be a sequel, it will undoubtedly be a long wait for all players.