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Alan Wake 2 To Release In 2022, According To Control’s Awe DLC

According to the story of the Control’s AWE DLC, it seems that Alan Wake 2 will be released in 2022.

During the introduction and full unveiling of the AWE DLC for Control, it was revealed that we will see Alan Wake in this expansion pack, and the story is related to the title being caught in the Dark Place. So with the release of the AWE expansion pack, more information has been released about the story as well as the mission of Jesse Faden, the protagonist of Control.

According to reports, Jesse Faden’s mission in the AWE expansion pack is more specifically related to Dr. Hartman, a psychiatrist who wanted to use the power of Alan Wake, Thomas Zayn and Anderson. Here, Alan Wake calls Jesse to learn more about Dr. Hartman in the search section. Here Jesse finds out that Dr. Hartman has partnered with the Federal Bureau of Control to investigate supernatural phenomena.

However, sometime later it became clear that he would no longer be a threat to commit criminal acts and would be released. Unable to let go of his temper, Dr. Hartman returns to Cauldron Lake and becomes Dark Presence. As a result, Dr. Hartmann is once again arrested by FBC and held in the Bright Falls AWE. This time, however, Hartmann succeeds in killing all the people who worked in this department because of his powers, and the research and search department of this organization is in complete quarantine.

After defeating Dr. Hartman, Langdon, the person who watched everything, calls you. He discovers a story about a changing world that took place in Bright Falls. It is also interesting to note that the events of the next few years are relevant. Alan Wake’s latest message is that he wants to write a story about a hero who can save him from the Dark Place; where Alan Wake is caught after the events of the story. It is also revealed that this hero is Jesse Faden.

According to the information that has been released, it is likely that the new Remedy game is Alan Wake 2, which takes place in Bright Falls and is a sequel to Control. Jesse Faden also looks like she is still the main character in the game, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take over Alan Wake.