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How To Get Rell Coins In Roblox Shindo Life Fast

Here's a guide to get Rell Coins quickly in Shindo Life.

Shindo Life is a game that brings the amazing world of Naruto into Roblox. Every unlockable cost a certain amount of in-game currency known as Rell Coins. In this guide, I will show you how to quickly get Rell Coins in Shindo Life.

How to get Rell Coins in Roblox Shindo Life Fast?


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Outside of using Roblox Codes, there is no instant way of getting Rell Coins. Saying that there are ways you can get Rell Coins quickly. They are simple but they will require some time investment.

The first method is grinding matches in Arena Mode. Arena Mode is a bloodline-based Free for all mode. Depending upon the number of points you score, it will give you the equivalent amount of Rell Coins. If you want the best chances for success then use the Eternal, Clay, Paper, Okami, Glacier, and Minakami Movesets. After choosing them you will have to grind those matches till you get the highest score. If that’s not possible then at least do a crud ton of damage. This method will get you around 100 – 150+ Rell Coins.


The next method I suggest is playing a lot of Conquest Mode. The games are longer but the rewards are better. This can be your alternative to Ability Arena but it is not as good because it takes a lot of time. Playing Conquest Mode will get you around 400 Rell Coins in Shindo Life.

AFK’ing in Shindo Life

AFK’ing in Shindo Life is an option but I would recommend it. Doing it in Ability Arena will give you between 30 – 50 Rell Coins in 10 mins. AFK’ing in Conquest Mode will get you around 200 Rell Coins but to get those Rell Coins you must do at least one point of Damage. As you can see, AFK’ing is not as good as playing the game itself. This can be an option if you cannot play the game consistently.


In Shindo Life, playing a lot of Ability Arena is the best way to get them. This was all about getting Rell Coins quickly in Shindo Life. Hopefully, this guide has helped you get millions of Rell Coins. You can also check out our guides on Beating Shindai Rengoku and Private Server List in Shindo Life.