How To Register Animals In Fae Farm

Not sure how to register animals in Fae Farm? Here is all you need to do to get them registered.

Getting Chickoo registered in your Coop Ledger is one of the starter tasks as you start with this game. But regardless of searching the Coop entirely, players are unable to find these Ledgers anywhere. Don’t worry, as here we have given steps to register animals in Fae Farm, including Chickoo. We understand that this must have been frustrating for you, especially since Chickoo keeps following you everywhere. Though there is also the option of making it follow you, not everyone is pleased with this buddy following them.

Now, talking about the reasons to get animals registered, them following you is one part, but registration makes keeping track of their care and mood easier. After that, you’ll also find the option of selling them in the Ledger. Not wasting more time, let us learn the steps to register animals.

How to Register Animals in Fae Farm

Register Animals in Fae Farm Coop & Barn
Image Credit: LadyShelab on YouTube

There are two requirements to register animals in Fae Farm. Firstly, you need to have a Coop or Barn, depending on the kind of animal. Chickoos and Cottontails reside in the Coop. While the Woolyhorns and Mamoos stay in the Barn on the other hand. The second requirement is a slot. In the beginning, each Ledger has six slots. Once you have filled the slots, you can’t get any more animals registered in that Coop or Barn.

You can check the Coop or Barn Ledger to learn if there is a slot available. If you have enough space and slot, follow these steps to register animals into Ledger:

  • Beside the door of Barn and Coop is an open book.
  • Go near that book and Use it. You’ll access the Ledger of a particular structure.
  • Select the slot to register and press the X to Register Buddy.
  • Now, you’ll see two options in the right part: Follow Me and Sell Animal.
  • You can use Follow Me when you want them to get Fresh Air. And you can use Sell Animal when you don’t have an available slot.

Now that you know how to register animals in Fae Farm, you might be curious about how to feed them. Check our Fodder and Plant Fibers guide to keep your animals fed. Also, learn about the Eye Icon to progress faster in the Fae Farm.