How To Refund Pal Souls In Palworld (Statue Of Power)

Pal Souls can boost the stats of other Pals in your base. But can you refund them to use somewhere else? Our guide will explain everything there is on refunding Pal Souls in Palworld.

Pal Souls are a valuable resource that players can find in Golden Chests or in different regions on Palpagos Island. They can boost the stats of other Pals once you manage to unlock the Statue of Power. Players can invest and increase their Pal’s Max Health, Attack, Defense, and even Work Speed. However, if you wish to reset the upgraded stats and use them for another Pal, there is a quick way to refund Pal Souls in Palworld.

If you want to use Pal Souls and boost other Pals, you should know that this is more of a late-game item and players will have other things to focus on at the start. However, once you unlock the Statue of Power and have the option to upgrade Pal Stats, you will have to learn to farm Pal Souls more frequently.

How to Use Statue of Power to Refund Pal Souls in Palworld

How To Refund Pal Souls In Palworld At Statue Of Power
Players can refund Pal Souls in Palworld from the Statue of Power. Image via Boomstick Gaming (YT)

Once you are at the Statue of Power and interact with it, you will get the option to Reset near Enhance Pal. You can choose the Pal whose stats you want to reset and it will cost you a certain amount of gold. Once you select and hit Reset, you will automatically refund Pal Souls in Palworld. Since Gold can be easily farmed if you grind in the game, you won’t find it challenging.

How to Farm Pal Souls in Palworld

Farming Pal Souls is the main ingredient to upgrading your Pal’s stats so you should know the best ways to do so.

  • Pal Souls can be farmed best from Golden Chests. Although other chests might also reward you with some Pal Souls, they are incredibly rare.
  • Pal Souls can be found rarely in the open world. They appear as white crystals with a blue soul inside. However, if you are looking for Large Souls, it won’t be significantly useful since most of them are lower tiers.
  • Fighting or catching a few Pals might lead you to farming Pal Souls. While it is not a sure-shot method, players can still give it a try.

How to Craft a Statue of Power in Palworld

Since you need to craft the Statue of Power to refund Pal Souls in Palworld, you should unlock it once you reach Level 8 from the Ancient Technology Tree. 20 Stones and 10 Paldium Fragments are what you need to craft the Statue of Power.

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