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How To Easily Unlock Duality Card In Valorant

Do you wish to know how to unlock and redeem the Duality Card in Valorant? Check it out right here

Valorant’s Duality card redeem process has sent the world into a frenzy and everyone wants to know how to get their hands on this elusive card. If you want to know more about the lore of Valorant or just cannot get enough of the game you should definitely check out how to get the Duality Card in Valorant right here.

How To Unlock Duality Card In Valorant


To unlock the Duality Card in Valorant, you will need to follow the steps given below, these will redirect you to a specific site where all you have to do is enter the code shown during the Duality cinematic during the VCT Finals.

How To Redeem Valorant Duality card
To redeem the Valorant Duality card you will need to visit the website below and enter the code


You might want to hurry as this code is only available for the next 48 hours, as soon as you do this, the card will show you Yoru, Jett, Viper, Phoenix, and Cypher using a portal to enter another dimension.

Valorant will certainly bring a ton of changes to the game in the near future, which will literally add another dimension to the game. While the sneak preview was shown during the final match of the tournament, it is yet unclear when the new update will be available for players to jump into.

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The Duality card basically tells that two worlds are going to collide and this will bring a lot of changes not only to the maps but also to every character’s playstyle and strategies that players have been using until now.

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