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Elden Ring Red Wolf Of Radagon Location Guide

Here is the Location of the Boss, Red Wolf Of Radagon, in Elden Ring.

The Red Wolf of Radagon is not an optional Boss in Elden Ring. So all players must battle it as they try to progress through the game. This Boss is tucked away in a room in the Raya Lucaria Academy. Since you have to defeat the Boss to progress, you will have to find it but finding it may be a tall task. So in this guide, I will show you the location of the Red Wolf of Radagon in Elden Ring.

Red Wolf of Radagon Location in Elden Ring

red wolf of radagon location elden ring

Like I have mentioned above, the location of the Red Wolf of Radagon is found deep with the Raya Lucaria Academy, Liurnia of the Lakes in Elden Ring. To get to the Boss, you will need to first get into the Raya Lucaria Academy. For that, you will need an Academy Glintstone Key. Once you get in, you should activate the Site of Grace there for ease of access in the future. Now take the elevator and go up. Once you get to the Top, run down onto the bridge and get into the Church and then go left to the outside path. Follow the path and cross the Bridge. After crossing the bridge, follow the path till you find a Corridor.

Once you reach the other side of the Corridor, you will find yourself near some Gears & Cogs which has a Belt that will take you to a higher elevation. Take it and get to the very top. You will find yourself in a Cave path, traverse it and you find a staircase. Go up to it and you will find a Site of Grace. Now from the Grace, take a right and follow through the passage. You come across a junction, take a right from there. Climb up the staircase and then again climb up another staircase just beside you. Once you get to the top, you will find a Fog Wall. That is the Boss arena of the Red Wolf of Radagon in Elden Ring. Just get in and Beat the Boss. Be careful as there are enemies at every corner on this journey.

This was all about the Location of the Red Wolf of Radagon in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guide on How To Beat Red Wolf Of Radagon (Cheese Method) in Elden Ring.