Red Dead Online Microtransactions: Gold Bars Offers (In-Game Store)

Microtransactions in now live in Red Dead Online and Rockstar is busy bringing tons of changes that fixes many bugs. Recently, Rockstar had announced the opening of Red Dead Online in-game store which allows the player to buy gold bars with real money. So here are all the offers and what all you should buy in Red Dead Online in-game store.

Red Dead Online In-Game Store Offers

Gold Bars are now offered in Bundles starting from 25 bars for $10 to 350 Bars for $100. Rockstar has one special one-time offer which allows the player to get 25 Gold Bars just $5. Red Dead Online beta players will get free 15 gold bars and if you haven’t played the already then hurry up and start before Thursday, December 20 to get free 15 gold bars in Red Dead Online. Here is the complete breakdown to In-game store prices for Gold Bars.

  • 25 gold bars – $10 US
  • 55 gold bars – $20 US
  • 150 gold bars – $50 US
  • 245 gold bars – $75 US
  • 350 gold bars – $100 US

Note: Beta players who haven’t received their free Gold Bars, Rockstar promises that they will be delivered to everyone by December 24.

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Rockstar has promised to listen to RDR community and bring the changes and balance the gameplay by 2019. They are now working on new modes, gameplay features, and new Red Dead Online gameplay content updates. Rockstar is giving away some in-game cash as a thank you to the special and Ultimate Edition game owners. Everyone who pre-ordered get RDO $100, Special Edition Owners will get RDO $100 and Ultimate Edition Owners will get RDO $1,000.

Let us know if you have any doubts regarding the RDR Online. Till then check out Red Dead Online Cheats, Tricks and Tips Guides.

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